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Originally fitted to the outside of buildings and designed for the practical purpose of circulating air while excluding rain and glare, Plantation shutters eventually moved inside windows and became fashionable for their appearance, even amongst those unaware of their durability or practical function. Though far removed from the climates that inspired their practical function it has become common to see Plantation Shutters in Sydney.

While there have been countless types of wood used for Plantation shutter in the past, modern shutters can now take advantage of Polymer technology, giving high resistance to condensation and UV rays. Polymer plantation shutters will lasts for decades without fading or deteriorations.

Made to measure and individually designed for each house, Plantation shutters can be hinged, Bi-folded or made to slide.

Plantation Shutters - Sun Blinds & Screens in Sydney

SS20 is custom made and available in various styles to match every window in today’s homes. SS20 is a blend of Aluminium core and sophisticated Polymer. Implement of the two mediums presents a stable and very suitable product for quality shutters.
Why SS20 is better than standard shutters, is that SS20 has Aluminium core in all blades and stiles to strengthen the blade, prevents from warping.

  • Warranty – SS20 comes with 20 years warranty
  • Available in 64, 89, 115mm for open views
  • Ideal for all shapes: hinged, slider and bi-folds
  • Suitability – Suits internal and wet areas especially Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Insulation – SS20 insulates 70% more efficiently than timber
  • Available in White, Bright White and Pearl

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